When you look at a horse’s pedigree and see some of the most influential names in the Quarter Horse world for a half-century, you naturally assume the horse must be an outstanding individual.


Such is the fact for the 1993 sorrel stallion bred by Sonny Thomison and Ray Logan of Kechi, Kansas.  His bloodline trace back to Big Step, Three Bars, Impressive, Conclusive and Kid Clu. Perpetualism was bred to be royalty.


As a weanling in October, 1993, he was sold to Rose Poindexter of Calera, OK.  In November of 1994, Jerry Wells saw that royal potential in him.  One of his customers at the time, Joan Crews Hoyt of San Angelo, TX, purchased him with the intention that Jerry would buy him from her at a later time. In March, 1995, Wells purchased Perpetualism at the same price that Joan had paid and he now was the sole owner.


On his show record from AQHA, Perpetualism accumulated 28 halter points in Open, shown by Jerry and his daughter, Nancy Wells.  He also earned 6 halter points in Amateur shown by Rose Poindexter’s son, Brandon White.


Perpetualism earned 53 firsts, 3 seconds and 1 fifth.  Jerry Wells successfully exhibited Perpetualism to 1995 AQHA World Champion Two-Year-Old stallion, 1996 World Champion Three-Year-Old Stallion and 1997 World Champion Aged Stallion. In 1994 he earned an Open Halter Register of Merit.


Perpetualism was a very diverse sire.  In total, he sired 576 foals, His get earned 4390 Open Halter points, 2753 Amateur Halter points and 821 Youth Halter points.  His get earned 75 points in Open performance and 36.5 points in Amateur performance.  His get earned 96 ROMs in Open, 80 ROMs in Amateur and 19 ROMs in Youth.  His get earned 30 Superior Open Halter awards, 30 in Amateur and 4 in Youth, as well as one Superior Performance award.  He sired 168 open point earners, 118 amateur point earners and 34 youth point earners.


Perpetualism sired 9 Open World Championships, 10 Amateur World Championships and 4 Youth World Championships.  He also had 8 Open Reserve World Championships, 5 Amateur Reserve World Championships and 2 Youth World Championships.  He also sired 2 Amateur High Point horses.


One of Perpetualism’s outstanding daughters was CRL Shesa Cool Coosa who earned seven AQHA World Championships in Open, Amateur, Amateur Select and Youth divisions.  This mare won numerous times at the All American Quarter Horse Congress and stood grand champion.


Perpetualism’s total earnings were $ 11,001.  His get total earnings were as follows:

AQHA Incentive Fund Earnings  —   $202,951.27

AQHA World Championship Show Earnings  —    $137,890.74

National Snaffle Bit Association Earnings  —   $492.92

Palomino Horse Breeders of America Halter Earnings  —   $1342.00

International Buckskin Horse Association Halter Earnings  –   $223.00


In January, 2002, Jerry’s health forced him to sell Perpetualism.  Wayne and Rebecca Halvorson arranged for the stallion to be purchased by Cal and Rosemarie Loree, Loree Quarter Horses in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  In January, 2005, Ed Melzer of Guthrie, became a partnership with Cal Loree on ownership of the stallion.  Wayne Halvorson was the breeding manager of Perpetualism on behalf of Loree Quarter Horses, until the stallion died on October 4, 2006.


Perp, as everyone called him, loved treats and probably was the only horse that Jerry Wells ever fed treats to.  He could see that sack coming towards him and would whinny, and you knew he had to have one (per Betty Wells).  He was a very kind horse and a perfect gentleman.  He died way too early, but he left his mark.