Silver Spur Western Lodge, Haskell OK is the recipient of the 2018 Bud Breeding Oklahoma Spirit Award.  The Silver Spur Western Lodge and the Silver Spur Arena, is locally known as “The Red Barn.” Many events and parties have been held at the Silver Spur Western Lodge, including benefits to help people in their time of need.  But one of Roy and Rose Anna Webbs’s favorite groups to host annually since 2010, has always been the students from the Oklahoma School for the Blind during the Western Heritage Day sponsored by the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association.

Because of the Webbs’ generosity, the OQHA is able to make it a day to remember for the students, parents, teachers and volunteers.  The students may choose from riding a horse, a mechanical bull, a wagon, or a stagecoach.  They also learn to rope, bungee jump, rock climb or fish from the 100 year old bridge.

Roy was born in the doctor’s office in downtown Haskell to Goodlowe and Eva (Goble) Webb.  He grew up in the country as the youngest of five brothers and two sisters.  Roy’s father was a farmer and his mother a busy stay at home mom.

Roy, along with his older brother, established Silver Spur Ranch about 1975, so they could rope and ride.  His dad and older brothers taught Roy many things about working the land, raising livestock, and running heavy equipment.  The brothers started Silver Spur Construction Company in 1980, and grew it to a thriving business specializing in dirt, rock work and soil erosion prevention.  They have successfully bid and been awarded numerous government contracts.  Roy’s older brother is now retried, but Roy continues as a construction contractor working alongside his son, Waco and their crew.

Retired school teacher, Rose Anna is Roy’s wife of almost 40 years.  Rose Anna was born to Charles and Rosemary (Waterworth) Lienheart of Muskogee, OK.  She also grew up in a large family of thirteen children.  Faith and hard work were a big part of her family’s life, especially after her father passed away when she was 11.

Together, Roy and Rose Anna have three children and six grandchildren.  They feel they have been very fortunate to have raised their children in the small, friendly community of Haskell.  The Webbs enjoy living south of town on the ranch with cattle, horses, mules and show pigs.  Their home was always full of faith, family, hard work, laughter and fun.