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Amateur Division

OAQHA Level 1 Show

The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Amateur Association hosts an annual Level 1 show; this year it is not yet scheduled.  They also partner with the Oklahoma Horse Show Association to support the open horse shows and help provide clinics to exhibitors.  


You may obtain an amateur membership if you have not shown, judged, trained or assisted in training a horse (whether or not a registered American Quarter Horse) for remuneration, monetary or otherwise, either directly or indirectly, nor received remuneration for instructing another person in riding, driving, training or showing a horse for three calendar years previous to application for amateur membership.

Amateurs must exhibit a horse in their ownership or in the ownership of someone directly related to them (see AQHA Handbook for details). The relationship of the amateur to the owner of the participating horse must be evidenced by submitting legal documentation (i.e., copies of marriage and/or birth certificates) to AQHA’s Show Department.

Every person competing in an Amateur class at any AQHA approved show must hold an amateur membership and be 19 years of age or older on or before January 1 of the current year.

Select Amateur

AQHA-approved shows may offer any amateur performance classes as all-ages and 50-and-over. The Select amateur classes, for amateur exhibitors 50 and over, are designed to provide an avenue of competition for our more mature amateur exhibitors and are becoming some of the most popular classes.

An amateur may begin competing in the Select classes on the day that they turn 50 years of age.

The Adequan Select World Championship Show is dedicated solely to exhibitors 50 years and over who have qualified for the event. Exhibitors 70 and over, known as Super-Selects, are recognized in event class at the Adequan Select World for their achievements.

Amateur Division Rules

OAQHA Bylaws

OAQHA State Championship Rules Coming Soon…

2023 OAQHA Officers

OAQHA President: Alexandra Strom

OAQHA 1st Vice President: Lindsay Hill

OAQHA 2nd Vice President: Courtney Battison

OAQHA Secretary/Treasurer: Alice Holmes

OAQHA Immediate Past President: Dr. Kimberly Roark

2023 OAQHA Board of Directors:

Victoria Corbin, Laura Dawson, Buzz Haltom, Libby Hanon, Sherry Jackson, Krystal Kirkland, Shelley Presley, Vicki Tebow, Whitney Unkefer, Norma White

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Introductory Letter from OAQHA President

Welcome to the Oklahoma Amateur Quarter Horse Association.

Every year the Amateur Board of Directors and its members work together at meetings, horse shows and clinics to promote the ideas, interests and activities to support the interests of the Amateur members of the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association.  We do this through various fund raisers, clinics, horse shows and meetings. 

At our first meeting of the year, the members convene for our Annual Convention and Awards Banquet. This event is held every January to recognize the yearly achievements of its members. During  convention, Amateur members meet to elect the newest members of the board, discuss ideas that they would like to explore during that year, and also, talk about how to better serve the Amateurs and community through these efforts. 

One of our most successful and greatly attended events takes place at Remington Park, typically held in April. That event is called “A Day at the Races.’ Here, fellow Amateurs have fun watching the Quarter Horses race, and enjoy light fare and desserts. We also have a Silent Auction, in which all items donated and money earned, goes directly to support the Amateur Association. This fund raiser has become very well attended over the years, and members enjoy rubbing elbows with their fellow equestrians in a non-competitive environment. Membership in the organization is not required. We welcome all family and friends to enjoy this exciting evening of watching the horses race. 

The Amateur Association is also working with outside organizations to promote the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association and have a presence at smaller, growing horse shows. Within the last year, we have created a relationship with the Oklahoma Horse Show Association (OkHSA), where we set up a booth at their horse shows to distribute information to fellow equestrians. This booth contains information about OQHA, OQHA’s Professional Horsemen, events and horse shows put on by OQHA and information regarding the Oklahoma Amateur Associations Annual Level 1 horse show. This booth is typically set up on the Friday night prior to their Saturday show and remains all weekend for competitors to receive information. 

Our relationship with OkHSA has developed a Friday night clinic program, which is offered to all those interested in improving their horsemanship skills. This is open to all equestrians, not just members of OQHA.  Last year’s clinicians included, Stacey Roberson (at our own OAQHA Level 1 horse show held in September), Cyndy Hershey Robbins, Matt Cunningham and Jeffory Beadles. Each of the clinics offered were different and highlighted the subjects and interests equestrians were wanting help with. We will be working to enhance this program in 2020, and are always seeking out volunteers to assist with the set-up of the booth and the distribution of materials at our booth. 

The Amateur Association highlights  their season with their Annual Level 1 horse show. Last year, this horse show offered a ‘Ride The Pattern Clinic,’ which included Professional Horseman and trainer, Stacey Roberson, of Byers, Oklahoma. It was held at the McClain County Fairgrounds and Expo in Purcell, Oklahoma. The horse show offers both Level 1 classes as well as Open classes to enhance opportunities for growth to equestrians beginning their horse show experiences with AQHA. In 2020, we are looking at ideas to include a new venue, new opportunities for clinicians and a growing experience. 

On the horizon for 2020,  AQHA has approved English Special Events, allowing state affiliates to host Hunt Seat only classes. These classes can be run as separate shows, with hunter/jumper shows,  in conjunction with other AQHA shows offsite ( must be within 50 miles). The advantages of this are numerous and will be discussed at the Amateur Convention meeting held on January 25, 2020. 

As a whole,  the Amateur association makes up a diverse group of individual equestrians looking to create strong and lasting relationships that encourage positive ideas for improvement, change and growth in these dynamic times. We hope to see OAQHA flourish in the coming decade and build from our previous experiences. We welcome you with great pleasure and would love to have you join us!