Open Division

If you have a current AQHA or AQHYA membership, you are eligible to show your American Quarter Horse in open competition. Open competition is usually for the most experienced exhibitors, trainers and professional horsemen but many amateur and youth members can be tough competitors as well.

Open Division Levels

Levels include Rookie, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. These are based on the horse’s achievements. For open division halter and cattle events, classes are leveled by the exhibitor’s record. Those levels are: Rookie, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. To learn more about these levels, determine your specific level and find out how the levels group horses and riders with similar skill and experience levels for competition, visit


If you are a paid professional and you are ready for a higher level of competition, then the AQHA open division is for you!

Open Division Rules

OQHA Bylaws

OQHA State Championship Rules


President – Russell Mueller
President Elect – Tim Lindsey
1st Vice President – Jake Walker
2nd Vice President – Leigh Berryhill
Immediate Past President – Leonard Berryhill
Elected Member – Luke Castle
Elected Member – Rick Chayer
Elected Member – Rebecca Halvorson


Chair Member Member Member Member Member Member Member
Business Development and Finance Tim Lindsey Leonard Berryhill Jeff Allen Heather Van Hooser Dave Auberle Jimmy Seago Larry Sanchez Wayne Halvorson
State Championship Jake Walker Lara Mueller Bobby Jo Stanton Stacy Roberson Dolly Chayer Nicole Marr (Member)
Marketing Leigh Berryhill Rebecca Halvorson Callie Boevers (Member)
Amateur Karen Torrice Monica Parduhn Alice Holmes Whitney Unkefer (Member)
Youth Lara Mueller Bobby Jo Stanton Cara Gibson Stacy Roberson Heather Keller (Member) Anna Langley (Member)
Hall of Fame Cindy Chilton-Moore Vicki Tebow Karen Torrice Betty Wells
Convention Vickie Tebow Cindy Chilton-Moore Karen Torrice
Show & Competition Jackie Krshka Leigh Berryhill Lara Mueller Luke Castle Monte Freeman Mike Keller Gil Galyean Russell Mueller
Constitution & By-Laws Cindy Chilton-Moore Rick Chayer Jeff Allen Kirt Wingate Bob Story
Extention & University Jake Walker Larry Sanchez Heather Van Hooser Kirt Wingate Bob Story Dave Auberle
Cross Discpline Outreach Monica Parduhn Cara Gibson Jimmy Seago Alice Holmes Sharon Breeding Lindsay Hill (Amateur Member)
Hall of Fame Nomination Committee Cindy Chilton-Moore Leonard Berryhill Rick Chayer Luke Castle Gil Galyean Dave Auberle Wayne Halvorson Sharon Breeding