The OQHA welcomes All BREEDS!

If you participate in All Breed/Open shows this program is for you!

We welcome you as members and offer year end awards for you accomplishments.


Rules Form

Nomination Form

Points Form


  1. You must have a current OQHA Membership PRIOR TO or ON your 1st SHOW DATE. Make checks payable to OQHA.
  2. An annual nomination fee of $20.00 per division must accompany the nomination application.
  3. Any Oklahoma shows which hold classes for horses of all breeds and all colors can be used for this program.
  4. Points/placings are per horse/exhibitor team.
  5. Able body Lead Liners must be age 6 or under as of January 1st of the current year, All other challenged riders will be
    7 and over, age of January 1st. All participants receive an award. A lead line exhibitor is not eligible to enter any other
  6. Walk Trot exhibitors are ONLY eligible for the additional divisions of Halter and Showmanship.
  7. All point forms must be received by the All Breed Incentive Program Coordinator within 30 days of the show date or
    they will NOT be counted.
  8. The show year begins October 8th and ends on October 7th of current year. All point forms for current year must be
    submitted by October 31st or they will NOT count.
  9. Champion and Reserve classes also count, so please include them. Please indicate the corresponding division and also
    the number of entries in the class.
  10. 1 judge = 1 show. Shows with multiple judges will count toward multiple shows requiring multiple point forms.
  11. Point violators will be penalized by receiving 0 points for that entire show.
  12. Points MUST be turned in on an OQHA form INCLUDING SHOW BILL and each page must be signed.
  13. A minimum of five (5) shows must be submitted to be eligible for awards.
  14. DOUBLE POINTS awarded at OQHA shows: OQHA Spring Show & OAQHA Fall Level 1 Show


  • HALTER: Eligible class: Halter.
  • SHOWMANSHIP: Eligible class: Showmanship.
  • WESTERN PERFORMANCE: Eligible classes: Western Pleasure/Horsemanship, Bareback Pleasure/Horsemanship, Trail, In-Hand Trail, Reining, Western Riding, Disciplined Rail, Pleasure Driving, VRH Classes, and Lunge Line.
  • HUNT SEAT PERFORMANCE: Eligible classes: Hunt Seat Pleasure/ Equitation, Hunter Hack, Equitation Over Fences, Bareback Pleasure Equitation, and Disciplined Rail.
  • SPEED PERFORMANCE: Eligible classes: Barrels, Poles, Roping, Team Penning or any timed event.
  • WALK TROT PERFORMANCE: Eligible classes: English W/T, Western W/T, Walk/Trot Speed Events.
    *Walk Trot exhibitors are ineligible for Western, Hunt, or Speed performance divisions.
  • LEAD LINE PERFORMANCE: Able bodied youth age 6 & under and challenged riders age 7 & over (Age as of Jan. 1, current year) May NOT enter any other division. Eligible Classes: All Lead line classes are permitted for points.  All exhibitors receive an award!


Year End High Point Champion and Reserve in each division: Adult & Youth. Awards are consistent with all OQHA year end awards and are presented at the Annual Convention.

Weighted Point System