( Updated 08/23/2023)

**If there are any questions or any issues found in the results, PLEASE EMAIL the office at oklahomaqh@gmail.comt **


Member Note:  For year end prizes if you are winning more than one level, you are only eligible to win one buckle within the same class.  Example:  If you are leading the Sr Western Pleasure Level 3 you would not be eligible to win both the Sr Western Pleasure Level 2 and 3.  The Level 2 buckle would go to the next in line.

RED: indicates not yet enough shows to be eligible for awards.

  • Final Youth standing will be subject to participation requirements per By-laws.
  • ANY DISCREPANCY in points needs to be brought to the office PRIOR TO October 30, 2023

All members must have shown in a minimum of 5 shows to be eligible for awards.

Youth members must be Oklahoma residents and meet minimum meeting and fundraising participation requirements to be eligible for OQHYA year-end awards.

Complete State Championship Rules can be found on the Open, Amateur, or Youth Pages.

Please contact the office with questions or corrections.