The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Youth Association is committed to developing youth horsemanship through breeding, raising and exhibition of the American Quarter Horse through participation in community leadership, sportsmanship and scholarship activities for the core purpose of protecting and promoting the American Quarter Horse.

The OQHYA is a very active association, encouraging youth participation in events through fundraising, education, and fun activities for the youth throughout the year.  In addition to the OQHA shows, the Youth Association members participate in the NYATT during the All-American Quarter Horse Congress, the YES Convention, and the AQHA Youth World Show.

2023 OQHYA Officers

OQHYA President: Alana Staton

OQHYA 1st Vice President: Avery Adamson

OQHYA 2nd Vice President: Addi Langley

OQHYA Secretary: Grace Riley

OQHYA Treasurer: McKenna Gibson

OQHYA Reporter: Zanah Hanon

OQHYA Historian: Izzie Jo Vinson

OQHYA Board of Directors:

Tori Dick, Sarah Ford, Caroline Herman, Camryn James, Piper Keller, Renna Lauglin, Natalie Mauzarell, Brooklyn Mueller, Laine Tucker, Sakari Wilkinson,

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