Ellis Gragg

In 1958 the Gragg family moved to Edmond, Oklahoma. Farming & ranching was always a large part of their life and in 1962 his Ellis began a large Quarter Horse & Thoroughbred breeding farm, which was in operation for ~ 27 years.

Ellis Gragg has been a farmer, rancher, rodeo cowboy, rodeo performer, Quarter Horse breeder, trainer, showman and entrepreneur.

Gragg and his brother, Hubert, were partners in Grabro Farms. In 1965 Ellis and Hubert bought a Quarter Horse stallion, Diamond Charge, and in 1968 he moved his operation to Coffee Creek Ranch. Many outstanding stallions were a part of Coffee Creek Ranch, including Mr. Meyers, Don Bar, Moolah Rocket and Jet Charger.

Owner/manager of Coffee Creek Ranch in Edmond, Oklahoma, Ellis trained and raced horses for many years and then stood such stallions as What Luck (TB), Go Flight, Champion My Easy Credit, the outstanding runner Masters Salls (TB) and many others.

At the age of 83, Ellis owns and operates a wood shavings equine bedding business.

Ellis Gragg was inducted into the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 2011.